About Us

Our goal is to provide you the best possible hearing care, based upon your individual needs. Our licensed Audiologists and Dispensers are committed to improving the hearing of our patients through advanced testing methods, effective treatment options, and the best in hearing aid technology. We provide a comprehensive array of services related to prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of hearing impairment.

Hearing aids are designed to help improve communication and allow people to participate in the activities they enjoy. We dispense a complete range of hearing aids, including state-of-the-art programmable and digital technologies in a variety of hearing aid styles.

Our services are not only for people who have hearing problems. The clinic offers custom made hearing protection for hunters, people who work in noisy environments, musicians and more. And, the popular custom-made swim molds are a must-have for both children and adults who enjoy swimming and going to the beach.

We're here to help people with hearing deficiencies live the life they want with the hearing they have. We provide a healthier, happier, more sociable lifestyle for all ages. See our services page for more information.